Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long does your nail extension last ?

Our extensions(except for charms) will remain on the original nail for even up to 4 weeks. However do note that longevity does vary amongst customers depending on their daily activities and lifestyle. More contact with chemicals / dishwashing liquid does wear down the longevity of our special gel formula.

2.What is the difference between Express and Classic Manicure

Express manicure does not include any cuticle care and after mani hand care. Shaping and buffing will be done before applying polish. Classic Manicure would include cuticle work , applying of primer , base , polish and top coat and end of with a hand massage with lotion.

3.I would like to rest my nails but i don't like the naked look of my fingers , how then ?

We will recommend our nail treatment with Nail Strengthener and followed by applying ORLY colours that are more “breathable “ , and 13 toxic free that serves as polish and treatment at the same time. But do note that normal polish that do not undergo curing are less lasting than Gel based colours.

4.How long does your Mani + Pedi Session take ?

We will need about 1hour 15mins to complete a basic mani pedi (Gel) free of design.

5How long can my eyelash extension last ?

It is normal for faux lashes drop off after an eyelash extension service. However, most lashes will stay on for a 2 to 3 weeks period. A touch up is recommended by 14 days. We commonly apply a one by one technique for up to 3d look mixed length look, beyond 4-D , pro-made lashes will be used.

6.How much do you charge for eyelashes top up?

We generally charge between $25 to $40 for topping up eyelashes for non members.

7.How long is the wait out period between lash lift / perm ?

There is a 60 days wait out period between lash perms.

8.Are you confident to work on in- grown nails

We understand the pain with in-grown nails and regular pedi care would prevent such occurrences. Many male customers come in on a regular basis to prevent and cut out in- grown nails . Our equipment are all UV disinfected before use.